Social Video Becomming A Big Part Of Online Business

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Video marketing is a topic I see popping up much more frequently so why not post the latest Infographic I came across today to keep you up to date. If being on video is something you would like to be doing in your marketing efforts it’s a win win as it’s free all you need is a phone and your time.

social video becomming a big part of online business                                                                                                 Image

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Here is a list of various video tools and sites to upload to

1 YouTube
2 Google Video
4 Ourmedia
5 Veo h
6 DailyMotion
7 Metacafe
8 UnCut
9 ClipShack
10 5min
11 Brightcove
12 Viddler
13 Revver
14 Vimeo
15 Yahoo Video
16 HelpfulVideo
17 BroadbandSports
18 Travelistic
19 Livevideo
20 Kewego
21 Godtube
23 Mediabum
25 Grouper
26 Break
27 Videosift
28 GeeVee
29 Stage6
30 Tube Battle