A Great List Of Social Media Monitoring Tools

A great list of Social Media Monitoring tools I found over at RazorSocial which is an Irish Tech/Social Media blog packed full of great tips tools and insights.

a great list of top social media monitoring tools



    • DGDMarketing

      @Martyna Tarnawska yep I have tried a few of them but none of the fully paid options, RivalIQ had a free trial when I used it and I found it great for gaining insight into how a social profile and that profiles web presence stacked up against the competitors in that sector, you can track changes to your competitors tactics, see where you might be weak and need to improve, I didn’t go past the trial though. Buzzsumo is priceless and the best tool for planning and strategy, nod3x is really useful for Google+ but takes a bit of effort to understand how to use it. Mention, topsy and talkwalker I only used briefly. If your looking to use them personally I would start with RivalIQ, Buzzsumo, Topsy and spend the time needed to get the hang of nod3x free version.