News Just In SEO Is Dead ! And Has Been Dying Since It Was Born.

Sometimes you have to laugh at some of the SEO updates people post about how SEO is dead, and all the doom that’s coming for online businesses and marketers who practice Search Optimisation.

I’m going to state this from experience if you want to learn SEO in any year whether it’s 2001 or 2015 stop reading other blogs about SEO and start actually doing SEO. Trust me if I only followed that one bit of advice life would have been much less stressful when I started out and the learning curve would have been cut in half if not more.

What am I ranting about you might think! Funny thing is here is an image from the 2001 serps which I urge that you should actually take a step back and start to think critically for yourself, ie. meaning not to just follow the herd like I did myself for a long time.

SEO Local Search Results

Sorry about the blurred out parts but I’m not into trying to be an A Hole by outing other people’s work well at least not this time, look at the dates (o^^0) yes that says 2001 hard to believe that SEO has been dying since 2001 maybe even before that I just searched within that time frame, so as you can see SEO is one though cookie and there will be no wake for the a long time to come.

Now having said all that there is a reason why I brought this subject up, earlier today I saw this heading in an email I received “The Coming Mobile SEO End Times” first thing I thought was here we go this should be interesting  NOT .borat

Anyway long story short Ian Lurie did a great job over at Portent 1.) with that title heading and 2.) hitting the nail on the head with the graphic they presented about the upcoming Mobile SEO update. I actually don’t think that many marketers or business owners are really taking much heed to this upcoming update and Ian presents this in an infographic presenting their findings from their own studies of many websites.

While any major ranking loss can be quickly recovered if your site was not up to standard it is going to be quiet interesting to see all the mayhem which ensues in the aftermath.


Mobile SEO Upcoming Update 2015





  1. Ian Lurie (@portentint)

    Thanks. You know, when I wrote that headline I thought “This is a good attention getter” and didn’t even think of how I was suggesting the whole ‘… is dead’ thing. That’s just embarrassing. :/


    • DGDMarketing

      Hey Ian thanks for the comment, Ill just come straight out and hold my hands up on that one, you have probably picked me up wrong due to my absolutely amazing blogging skills 🙂 I knew exactly what you were doing with your headline, it got me to click through just out of the curiosity so it served it’s purpose, just saw your horror movie on youtube about the almost expressionless spider Lol. Seriously though the on slought of this update is going to be quiet amusing as most people are used to “terror Links” kind of conversations going on, I bet most don’t even give mobile a second thought until they wake up and see 0 hits.

      Care to share that list of sites 🙂