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Secrets To Marketing Trends For 2015

Post by Gerard Downey:

Secrets To Marketing Trends For 2015

Secrets To Marketing Trends For 2015


How To Get An Effective Start by (e)SALLYKWITT

I think this place is going to be epic.

Empire.Kred Wiki

Well-known player Sally Witt – (e)SALLYKWITT – shares her tips and recommendations on how to get an effective start on Empire Avenue for newbies. 


Making new relationships and having great interaction on social media is the whole point. You will meet awesome people on Empire Avenue, and learn so much about having meaningful interaction on the social media sites while having incentives to do it. Have fun!


Day 1

1. Set up your profile with a photo as soon as possible. Active players will see your profile pop up as a new player, and most will ignore profiles without photos. This is a great opportunity to get a lot of investments on your first day or two!

2. Set up all of your social media accounts so that you get credit for your activities.

3. Choose a few profiles and start with investing just 5 or 10 shares…

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