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Small Business Owners:Interesting Statistics You Need To Know.

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Surprising And Interesting Facts About Google

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Some interesting facts and information about Google I found over at Ultralinx some of them are quiet amazing like Google was first stored on ten 4 GB hard drives.

interesting facts about google

What ? How To Buy Dropped Domains By krishna Infographics

Want to no more about dropped domains and the best practices and solutions in buying your own ? Here is a very basic but great Infographic from krishna Infographics for you if you want to get up to speed with the tools and best way to go about it enjoy.

how to buy dropped domains

DGDMarketing Just Joined Soundcloud

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Latest On The Google Penguin Algo

Looking at the metrics from the Infogtraphic that the  guys over at positionaly produced, Google seem to be playing a guessing game, as to which links are good and which are bad. As from what I can see there is not that much of a difference in why you would or you wouldn’t be penalized. That being said there are a lot more metrics which also have to come into play.

The more people that send a Disavow Links list to Google the more Google will have to play with when it comes to their algo updates, which have both good and bad implications.

Latest updates on google penguin algorithm

You can see more updates from DGDMarketing’s Twitter Profile and from the newly setup Quora Blog Local Digital | Social | Design Hub

How Google Works An Interesting Illustration From Quicksprout

How Google Works.

An interesting illustration put together by Neil Patel over at quicksprout.com. While Google have over 200 ranking factors when it comes to showing your site in their search results Neil Patel put’s this together nicely in an image that best explains what goes on behind the scenes.


How Google Works
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout
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